NBC's Lester Holt says "fairness is overrated" because he knows the facts and you don't you silly little people
· · Apr 2, 2021 · NottheBee.com

While accepting an award for journalism, NBC's Lester Holt said that free speech is important. You know, unless it interferes with whatever subjective meaning of "truth" he, the media, and our cultural betters believe:

What's even funnier is that Lester doesn't want us to misquote him. He takes ample time to explain what he means by "fairness is overrated," apparently comparing one whole side of the sociopolitical aisle to dumb-dumbs who don't believe the sun sets in the west.

"A contrary view does not deserve our time and attention."

I agree in some regards with Lester that there are things we should rightly reject. Not everything should be broadcast – as any parent trying to shield their children from the deluge of Wokianity on TV these days might understand.

The problem is, Lester and our cultural overlords are arguing their ideological stances are observable facts even though half of society (and the actual facts in many cases) disagree with them.

Let me give you a few examples of some views Lester and his compadres purport as "truth" that are just sheer ideology:

  • Stating that abortion is just getting rid of a "clump of cells."
  • Believing that America's greatest problem is "whiteness."
  • Teaching that good things can come from seeing the world through critical race theory.
  • Claiming laws made by conservatives to protect the integrity of elections are racist.
  • Believing the government can spend as much money as you want without consequences.
  • That human nature is generally good and that we can order our reality and identity around "our truth."
  • Saying the world will end in a few years if we don't stop all modern life immediately.
  • Stating as gospel truth that there is no "consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth."

I guess Lester Holt will have to decide if we can talk about such things moving forward.

Not only does Lester get to determine what's true, he gets to determine who even talks about what's true.

If Lester Holt tells you 2+2=5, you better believe it or ELSE.

Here's a better way for Lester to get to his point: "Fairness is overrated because myself and my peers have decided that the progressive vision for America is correct. We will entertain nothing that counters our religious fervor."

In that case, fair enough. But Lester is claiming to be an objective benchmark for factual journalism.

I'd advise you to stop listening to such people yesterday.


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