Here's Joe Biden telling ESPN that he would strongly recommend moving the MLB All Star Game out of Atlanta because of Georgia's new voting law
· · Apr 2, 2021 ·

On Tuesday over at The Atlantic Jemele Hill dropped an article entitled Move the All-Star Game Out of Georgia, in which she argued that the MLB and other sports should...

Avoid scheduling their own signature events in Georgia, to show Republican state lawmakers that their latest efforts at voter suppression are unacceptable.

Yes, that's Jemele Hill, former ESPN host most famous for that time she called Donald Trump a white supremacist, writing for The Atlantic.

Because these days working for ESPN is simply a stepping stone to the woke liberal media.

And last week Keith Olberman, the former ESPN host who also successfully made his way into the woke media, but now just posts random selfie videos on Twitter, posted this on Twitter:

So this boycott of the all-star game has become a hot button issue for the left over, say, the past week or so.

And we all know by now the Georgia law DOES NOT prohibit voters from drinking water in line or even from requesting water from a poll officer.

The law DOES NOT resemble Jim Crow (that is, unless we consider it necessary to segregate the 2% of Georgia voters who don't have a FREE STATE ID into a space where they can get their FREE STATE ID, such as the DMV.

And the Georgia law actually allows for more voting, not less. Yet our president still falsely claims the bill will see polls close early on election day, and received four Pinocchios from Washington Post fact checkers for saying so.

Biden also said the new Georgia law "makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle."

Well, Ol' Joe was on ESPN Wednesday (I guess that's normal?), and was asked how he feels about the all-star game being moved out of "Jim Crow" Georgia.

Here's his response (which probably won't surprise you):

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's the President of the United States encouraging professional athletes to boycott a baseball game because of a voting law which actually aims to clean up the voting process in Georgia.

To me, it's clear that Joe Biden needs help.

No, not that kind of help. He needs the assistance of pop culture icons in order to move his agenda forward. And he needs it way more than Obama did.

Obama was cool.

Joe Biden is not cool.

So let's go back to keeping politics out of sports and sports out of politics.

Because people can see right through the little games the left is playing here.

Just because you get a bunch of celebrities to play the game with you doesn't mean we have to listen.

It also means we can turn off the woke sports.


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