Check out this old video where a guy sells cupcakes with different prices for Asians, whites, and blacks to show how racist affirmative action was
· Jul 3, 2023 ·

It's always been racist; we just put up with it for decades until our man Clarence Thomas put an end to it. We can now refer to it in the past tense (even though the wokies are gonna try to keep it alive, bless their racist little hearts).

Former ABC reporter John Stossel conducted this experiment back in 2017. Selling cupcakes at different prices for different people based on their skin color would be considered racist, because it is.

Notice that no one bought his argument that he's doing this bad thing to make up for other bad things in the past.

We all know that things like this are wrong; we just get used to the bad guys telling us it's okay because they have fancy degrees and threaten to call us names if we don't comply.

Here's the full video if you want it:

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