Check out this video megathread showing China's vax checkpoints, forced jabs, and people climbing over barbed wire to escape the dystopia
· Oct 19, 2021 ·

This is absolutely bonkers, but its what leftist leaders want to implement in the supposedly free West.

Check this madness out:

[Warning: Disturbing images of government abuse straight out of a horror film]

Let's start with what the vax passport looks like in China:

Innocent enough, right? After all, this is what politicians in France, Canada, England, and America want to require of us for a disease that's only life-threatening for a fraction of a fraction of people.

How about vax checkpoints everywhere with flying drones – oh, and being sent to a "camp" if they find out you aren't jabbed:

Let me note before we go further that most videos out of China – like most communist hellholes – are hard to verify or provide specific context.

That being said, whether these videos were taken last month or last year (some seem to be from early 2020), they depict what's really happening inside the Middle Kingdom:

How about forced testing and jabs??

Having the government transport your entire neighborhood away for your "safety"?

Having the government take away your home and send you to jail?

In fact, China is so great right now that thousands of citizens are climbing the barbed wire fence that President Xi so kindly built to keep them in:

What about the "social credit" system that China has built to ensure all citizens are reliant on the government? You know, the one that literally mirrors a Black Mirror episode?

How does it make you feel that the U.S. Treasury and IRS are being weaponized to create such a system in the United States?

What about drones patrolling the skies for illegal movement, or government officials telling you to delete your social post with "misinformation" and post a correction?

Oh wait, that's already happening in Australia!!

What about robot vans that patrol the streets and require citizens to submit for a swab of their mouth? Seems like triple-masked California residents would love this one!

Do facial recognition cameras mounted on robots and police helmets seem a bit extreme to you?

If you're wondering why people get salty about Covid mandates, lockdowns, the plan to have the IRS track your purchases over $600, or Critical Race Theory in schools, it's because it inevitably leads to this.

Communism is beyond evil. It is the greatest vehicle for mass suffering ever devised from the pits of hell itself.

Fortunately, thanks to the foresight of founders who understood human nature and inherent rights, America has about 400 million privately-owned boomsticks between us and this depravity!

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