Chicago's mayor actually blamed Richard Nixon after more than 100 people were shot over the weekend
· Jul 9, 2024 ·

The worst thing about Chicago is their football team.

The second worst thing about Chicago is the violence, with reports of deadly shootings pouring in every single week. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Chicago marked Independence Day with shootings across the city, with more than 100 people shot, including 19 people killed. Four of these attacks were mass shooting events.

"We are devastated by the recent violence that has left our city in a state of grief, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and communities impacted by these recent events," Mayor Johnson's office said in an earlier statement … before holding a press conference to blame Richard Nixon.

No, I'm not kidding.

Black death has been unfortunately accepted in this country for a very long time. We had a chance sixty years ago to get at the root causes, and people mocked President Johnson, and we ended up with Richard Nixon.

When in doubt, blame a Republican. If that Republican is long dead, even better!

It must have nothing to do with the fact that Chicago — like so many other cities ravaged by crime and violence — has been controlled exclusively by Democrats for decades. The mayors of Chicago have been a Democrats since April 1931.

Credit to Mayor Johnson though. At least he's diversifying his blame game.

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