France’s greatest Nazi hunter voted for the nation’s “far-right” party. That should tell you something.
· Jul 9, 2024 ·

France's Serge Klarsfeld, an 88-year-old Jewish historian who has dedicated his life to bringing Nazis to justice, is sounding the alarm on the election and calling for people to vote for what the media has labeled "the far right."

The same side the media calls Nazis.

But this guy is the world's foremost expert on what a Nazi is.

As a child he barely escaped going to a concentration camp, his father was not so lucky. He has spent most of his adult life chasing down real-life Nazis across the world and bringing them to justice.

Here's what he says about the far left,

'I fear the far left. The far left has a deep-seated hatred of Israel and has ... militants who are pro-Palestinians,' Klarsfeld said, describing France Unbowed as 'a violently anti-Israeli party with certain anti-Semitic overtones.'

And with that said, he's putting his support behind France's National Rally party, despite its antisemitic beginnings.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, co-founder of the National Rally's forerunner, the National Front, has multiple convictions for racism and antisemitism, including for repeatedly saying that Nazi gas chambers were "a detail" of WWII history. Pierre Bousquet, another founder, was a member of the French division of Nazi Germany's Waffen-SS.

But Marine Le Pen, the current head of the party, expelled her father and the antisemitic branches of the party, and now the party supports the Jewish people, Israel, and the French people. Le Pen has referred to herself as falling somewhere between the center-right and center-left on the U.S. political spectrum.

Klarsfield is shining a light at the actual positions of the parties today:

We sincerely believe [Marine Le Pen is] sincere. People change. We met Marine Le Pen and we got her to say and make statements that are totally pro-Jewish, that she accepts the Gayssot law, which is a law that protects Jews.

Marine Le Pen is the head of a party which supports Israel and supports the Jews. So we gave this advice to those who will be faced with this runoff between the far left and what used to be the far right, which for us is now a populist party, to vote for the right.

The same thing can be said of politics in the U.S.

While the left-wing media paints the right as being Nazis, they're also out there supporting pro-Palestinian calls for wiping out Jewish people and opposing the Right's support of Jews.

No matter how they spin it, those views are about as absurd as calling Trump Hitler.

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