Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson chastises reporter for using the word "mob" to describe huge crowd of teens looting store, prefers "large gathering" instead 🤡
· Aug 4, 2023 ·

Chicago somehow, some way, found a way to elect a mayor even more delusional than Lori Lightfoot.

He's like Lori Lightfoot but even more woke.

It's like Chicago elected a self-righteous DEI educator and HR professional to run the entire city.

A large mob of teens, more than 3 dozen, looted and ransacked a convenience store and Brandon Johnson has the gall to tutt tutt a reporter for using a non-PC term.

That's not appropriate. We're not talking about mob actions. I didn't say that... Respectfully, these large gatherings... it's important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way.

Here is the video of the MOB, mayor!!

[Warning: A MOB]

He's literally a woke HR director pretending to be a mayor. Gangs of teens are overrunning entire neighborhoods, but he is MUCH more concerned about correcting you if you say something not woke.

It's not a "mob" when they rob a store. It's a "large gathering."

It's mostly peaceful. Except that everyone there was arrested for robbery and disorderly conduct. But a mob is a very specific thing. I don't know what it is, but if it's a group of black kids, then that's not it. You must not believe the evidence of your own eyes!

The end of the clip, where it cuts off after he praises the cops, is amazing:

Unfortunately, arrests were made.

Why is that unfortunate? Huh? Your DA is just gonna let 'em all go anyways. There are no real consequences for anyone. Except for that reporter who called a mob a mob. He's in trouble!

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