Chick-fil-A’s Polynesian sauce packets are exploding because it's still 2020 and that's just what happens.
· Dec 26, 2020 ·

We have a lot on our plate this year already, we don't need sweet and sour sauce shrapnel added to it.

The popping Polynesian packet problem has been around for a while but came to renewed attention when additional eyewitness claims erupted on a Reddit thread.

I have to concede people have a real nonchalant attitude about it.

"They just easily explode. Not sure why," one person sympathized.

"They just explode."

Okay then!

"I've even had times when working and stocking the poly sauce i've found it randomly exploded in boxes…. i guess that's just how it is," an alleged Chick-fil-A employee shared.

"I guess that's just how it is," spoken like a 27-year veteran of the bomb squad after losing a partner.

Of course, even the greatest condiment catastrophe is only ever going to be so dire. It's less "losing a finger," than, "having to lick a finger."

yeah same, when i was cutting the sauce box for DT many of them would be damaged or exploded in the box, poor old me would get a hand full of old polynesian sauce

What can you do?

Well, for one, put them in the refrigerator.

This hasn't happened to us since I started keeping them in the fridge.

What if practicing basic food preservation standards just isn't your thing?

Well, you can now purchase 16-oz. bottles of the stuff.

I just wouldn't wear white around it.

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