China is apparently building "Trojan Horse" shipping containers that could fire missiles on any city in the world ... man is it great that we have a bunch of cargo ships stuck off our coast right now
· · Dec 6, 2021 ·



CHINA has been secretly developing Trojan Horse-style missiles hidden in shipping containers that can be unleashed on enemy ports, experts warn.

Military analysts believe the country's huge fleet of freighters and fishing vessels could be turned into warships with the use of the secretive container missiles.

Disguised as a regular shipping containers, they can be sneaked on board a vessel to blend in seamlessly with the hundreds of others on board.

The sheer number of container ships in the world makes them harder to pinpoint than warships in the event of war.

Like the fabled Trojan Horse, the missiles would be quietly smuggled into or near an enemy port on a civilian vessel before being unleashed in a surprise attack.

Hahahaha... hoo boy. Well... um... it's not like they, you know, HAVE these, right? I'm sure it's just theoretical tech.

Rick Fisher, senior fellow in Asian military affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told The Sun Online while Chinese have not officially confirmed they have the missiles - it is likely they have them.

Remember when I said it's all fine like five seconds ago?

Apparently, reports about these missile containers were circulating two years ago, but those were just from "fringe" news sources.

A mock-up of the missiles first appeared at an arms fair in 2016 and since then there has been speculation since they may now be in service with China's armed forces.

Mr Fisher believes the weapon fits with the Beijing's military strategy and likely would be used as an offensive capability against their enemies - potentially being smuggled into foreign ports anywhere in the world.

Mr Fisher told The Sun Online "Chinese strategic preferences for surprise would strongly argue for acquisition" of the missiles.

These would be fitted to "nondescript small Chinese ships in order to mount surprise missile raids against shore defences to assist follow on amphibious or airborne invasion forces".

Fisher said shipping container missile launchers can be smuggled through ports or via highway ports of entry

They could then be stored for years in a climate-controlled building within range of US military bases, and taken out when needed for military operations.

Things are moving really fast, ladies and gentlemen. Every new day there's a new report of how China is on the move.

Here's a video showing how the system works:

"Washington would be in chaos, would not know against whom to retaliate, and perhaps China uses American distraction to begin its real objective, the military conquest of Taiwan."

This is assuming that Washington isn't already in chaos and that the Pentagon is capable of predicting enemy threats.

So far the only record of missile being fired from a container ship is a picture of a test carried out by Israel.

A large number Chinese container ships enter US ports on the west and east coast making them well within range of the vast majority of the US fleet.

It's a good thing we don't have a bunch of container ships just chillin' off our coasts right now!!


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