Watch: Dystopian Video Out Of Germany Shows 150 Major Corporations Change Their Company Taglines To Pro-Vaccine Propaganda
· · Dec 6, 2021 ·

No reason to be alarmed. It's just a bunch of major corporations working together to promote the Covid-19 vax in partnership with the German government for the largest pro-vax campaign ever.

Nothing creepy and dystopian about this at all.

I don't speak German, but I typed a few of the slogans into Google translate, and it's basically them morphing their company slogan into a vaccine slogan.

"Impfen" means vaccinate.

So McDonald's slogan changes to "vaccinate, I'm lovin' it."

Mercedes changed theirs from "The best or nothing" to "The vaccine or nothing."

Burger King changed theirs from "make your king" to "make your spades," which is a term that can refer to needles and/or shots.

Porche is just "VACCINATE."

And if you want chocolate, Ritter Sport says, "Vaccine first, then crunching":

I can't be alone when I say that corporations teaming up with the German government to promote propaganda is a little disconcerting.

Government using major corporations as puppets to promote their preferred policies is just a little too on the nose for Germany, don't you think?

These big corporations are not your friends.

Does anyone honestly believe that McDonald's or Burger King is super concerned about their customer's health? Their menus imply otherwise.

This marriage of big government and corporations is very troubling. And it's not just a concern in Germany, although they have a very, very dubious history with such collaborations.

I'm not saying this is the return of the Third Reich or anything. But I am saying that this type of thing is important to pay attention to.


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