China just flew 8 bombers, 4 fighters, and a submarine hunter into Taiwan’s airspace 👀

Jan 23rd

The world's largest police state flexed its muscles Saturday, flying 13 military aircraft over the Taiwan Strait.

The array of aircraft included 8 Xian H-6K bombers, 4 Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, and a Shaanxi Y-8 Anti-Submarine Warfare plane.

Each of the bombers can drop around 24,000 pounds of explosives.

Here was the flight path of the military ensemble:

I‘m sure the timing right after Trump left office was purely coincidental. I mean, Trump may have held the brutal CCP regime accountable for its crimes and aggression, but I've been assured Joseph R. Biden will definitely do the same.

Still, maybe those pro-Trump rallies in Taiwan and Japan are starting to make a bit more sense...


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