Chris Christie says we haven't done ENOUGH for Ukraine ... he wants to be the Republican nominee?
· Aug 8, 2023 ·

This is the man who wants to be the Republican nominee for President. The man who thinks he can beat President Trump in a primary and carry the torch for Republicans.

Chris Christie tells MSNBC that the US hasn't done enough to help Ukraine at this point.

We've sent more than $100 billion to Ukraine and given them cluster bombs, But the problem is we really haven't given them enough.


I don't know what is more insane, the idea that we haven't done enough for Ukraine or the idea that Biden, who is largely responsible for Russia being emboldened enough to invade Ukraine in the first place, is doing a better job than Trump whose presence in office held off Putin's invasion plans.

I'll tell you what IS the craziest part, however.

That Chris Christie visited Zelensky in Ukraine a week ago and delivered him a handwritten note from Jon Bon Jovi containing the lyrics to the song "It's My Life."

Yes, that's a real thing that happened last week.

Clown world!

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