Christian Nationalism Alert! VP Kamala Harris speaks at the National Baptist Convention, receives ovation for denouncing "extremists" who oppose abortion
ยท Sep 9, 2022 ยท


Separation of Church and State! This is Christian Nationalism!

Just kidding! It's the Democrats, so it doesn't matter.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the National Baptist Convention and her pro-abortion politics, along with her other "faith-based" positions were gladly received:

The VP seriously invokes 2 Corinthians "Do everything in love" to [checks notes] justify the wholesale murder of the preborn.

And she gets applause and amens from the "pastors" gathered!!

There's more.

Wait, wait, wait.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought if someone used their faith to guide their political actions that would be Christian Nationalism, the greatest danger to American society.

And to speak as a politician at a gathering of Christians, a bunch of Baptists, to promote your version of a "Christian" worldview? That's basically a theocracy right there.

But here's the dirty little secret: It's not Christian Nationalism because the progressives who invoke Christianity aren't actually Christians.

Kamala just said it was loving to murder your child. And don't get me started on "devout Catholics" Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

The only "dangerous" Christianity comes from those who sincerely believe and take God's Word seriously.

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