Did Chuck Schumer just get rid of the Senate's dress code so John Fetterman can keep wearing shorts and hoodies??
· Sep 18, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Remember when the United States Senate used to be a dignified institution?

Okay neither do I.

But the senators at least used to dress like they took things seriously - you know, showering, shaving, and wearing suits and ties.

Then came John Fetterman, the senator from Pennsylvania who had a stroke during his campaign and lost the ability to speak or think coherently. Usually that would be a career ender, but not in clown world.

Now that he's been elected to the most prestigious chamber of representatives on the planet, John Fetterman keeps showing up in shorts and hoodies.

Meet with the president?

Shorts and a hoodie.

Go to a session in the Senate?

Shorts and a hoodie.

But rather than force Fetterman to comply and risk sending their rubber stamp back to the hospital with yet another mental break down, Senate leader Chuck Schumer has simply tossed out the dress code.

That's right. The leaders of our nation now have lower dress standards than fast-food workers. Senators can wear whatever they want to work and all because of the slovenliness of one man.

(Staff and visitors still have to wear professional attire of course.)

The peons have to know their place, after all.

Here's the usual collection of reactions to the announcement:

And my personal favorite:

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