WATCH: Climate cultists throw tomato soup on priceless Van Gogh painting at National Gallery in London
· Oct 14, 2022 ·

Two climate protestors from the radical group "Stop Oil Now" just did their part to save the planet by destroying a priceless piece of art like a couple of spoiled brats.

Except even spoiled brats wouldn't dare touch a Van Gogh.

It's so bizarre to me that climate activists literally do the things that are most likely to royally tick people off and drive them away from their cause.

They're either out there destroying priceless pieces of art or blocking major roadways.

None of which actually do ANYTHING to help the environment.

And here is the social terror organization bragging about their crime on Twitter.

(Twitter will let your organization stay on their platform if you destroy priceless art but if you refuse to call a man a woman you get banned.)

You know what, climate activists? I'm just going to start emitting carbon EVEN harder. Might just drive around in sport mode and take a few extra trips this weekend.

Fortunately, the BBC reported the 1888 painting was covered with glass and wasn't ruined by the attack. Police quickly arrested the perps, but I bet their comrades are already planning to destroy something else.

The action comes three months after members of the same group pasted paper over John Constable's the Hay Wain in the same gallery.

These people care nothing for humanity or human achievement and these antics bring no support to their cause.

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