Climate protesters just tried to take over a federal building in Washington, which is "insurrection" under the new rules ... right??
· Oct 15, 2021 ·

In what will surely be deemed a harrowing and terrifying Assault on Democracy™, a group of aggressive left-wing protesters attempted to physically occupy the Department of the Interior building on Thursday as a means to further their own political agenda.

A heroic journalist embedded amid the chaotic insurrection captured the horrifying ordeal on camera:

"They're trying to get inside..."

I am literally shaking right now. My only comforting thought is that CNN, NBC, and CBS will cover this horrific event exhaustively in the months to come.

"Let's go!"

That's obviously the cry of a well-trained paramilitary insurrectionist. Our democracy is hanging on the edge of a knife!!!

"An attempt to occupy the building."

People, this is nothing more or less than a well-coordinated attempt to take over the U.S. government.

This may very well be America's darkest day!

Prayers are needed right now as our Republic struggles to maintain order amid this treasonous plot.

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