This Canadian couple floated their dream house half a mile across a bay to their new property and the video is nerve-wracking 😱
Β· Oct 15, 2021 Β·

I have just... never heard... of such a thing:

I can't tell whether to think this is really cool or extremely foolish.

Like, sure, it's pretty sweet, but then I read this:

Some of the fixtures and fittings of the house ended up filled with water as a result of the move, but the couple is hoping that it will soon dry out, helped by holes dug in the bottom for quick drainage.

To say the least, I am not completely on board with this idea.

But I still think it's really cool. And apparently this used to happen often, according to locals.

This story is out of McIvers, Newfoundland.

Apparently, these folks attached a bunch of barrels to the bottom of their dream house, put it in the waters of the Bay of Islands, and watched as it was tugged six-tenths of a mile, by 6 boats, across the bay. On the other side awaited "two huge mechanical diggers" which pulled the house out of the water using the trailer which had already been fitted to the house and had also made the ride across the bay.

Here's their reasoning for doing it this way:

Penney said the massive operation took place because she had always admired the two-story house from its original plot of land, and she had been shocked to learn that the owner was planning to redevelop the plot and tear down the house.

She and her boyfriend then decided to try and move it to their own plot of land along the water, but it was not possible to move it over land because of all the obstacles, including high-voltage power lines.

So this chick has had her eyes on this home for a long time. And the owners were going to destroy it, so why not?

Here's a map of the journey, though that line is just my educated guess at their route:

[A]t one point the house started to slip into the water and the boat pushing it broke down. But then other boats rushed to join in and managed to stabilize it.

That must've been gut wrenching.

Here's some aerial footage of the move:

So I guess the house did make the half-mile journey across the bay, so there's that.

But I still think this is quite strange, and even the homeowners admitted that it would've been cheaper just to build a new home. The water damage alone must be just awful at this point.

They will, however, always remember this moment, no matter how wet the floorboards are today.

As of now, though:

The couple is living in a mobile home while they wait for their new home to be habitable.

In time...


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