Clothing brand Chinatown Market changes its name to “Market” after accusations of cultural appropriation
· Aug 19, 2021 ·

Did you know that it's considered "cultural appropriation" to name your New York-based clothing company after a neighborhood in New York? Well, it is, and frankly it's deeply problematic that you even had to wonder.

The highly popular streetwear startup Chinatown Market has officially dropped "Chinatown" from its brand after critics accused it of appropriating that word from... China? Well, it's not all that clear.

Anyway, they're just "Market" now. Because picking what might be the least distinctive noun in the advertising playbook seemed like a good idea.

Frankly, they kind of stepped on a rake with this one: Market, as we all know, derives from the ancient Latin mercatus, and no self-respecting brand on Earth wants to be associated with Ancient Rome and its globalist-imperialist hegemony.

Better to just call the company "M." That will make it stand out even more!

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