CNN dedicated a segment to praising Antifa, brushing off their violence with "yes, people get hurt, property gets damaged, things get confusing." Um, what?
· · May 20, 2021 ·

Did you guys know "Antifa" just means "anti-fascist," so there's no way that their totalitarian beliefs and targeted use of violence could actually be fascism??

Such was the recent claim of CNN balloonhead W. Kamau Bell, who parroted the popular talking point:

"‘Antifa' is short for anti-fascist. If you're unsure how you feel about that, picture a table: On one side of the table is Hitler and Mussolini, and on the other side is the popular [children's] performer Raffi."

With that logic, I could start a cartel called "AntiDrug" and blast anyone who calls me a drug dealer while I ship out crates of cocaine!

Remember: when Antifa shouts "no USA at all!" at their marches, you're crazy if you think that means they're calling for the end of America. You're also crazy if you think that the dudes carrying communist flags alongside them having anything to do with said "anti-fascists."

Bell's support of the commie fascists went even further, however.

Watch the full clip where Bell laughs maniacally alongside two Antifa neckbeards. It shows how far down the extremist rabbit hole this CNN host has gone:

Top quote: "Look, this fighting for democracy and against fascism thing has always been a messy business. And, yes, people get hurt, property gets damaged, and things get confusing."

Can you imagine how fast people would be cancelled and investigated if that statement were about the U.S. Capitol debacle (or any right-wing violence in general)??

The Antifa neckbeards detailed how most of their work is trying to dox and fire people for saying things they disagree with.

They also celebrated a world without fascism, which will presumably be ushered in by their measures of promoting the collective, forcibly suppressing opponents, and regimenting of society.

Or in other words...

Journalist Andy Ngo had this to note about Bell's gushing adoration of this violent group that calls for the end of America:

Just for good measure, Bell bizarrely claimed that Malcom X was killed by white supremacists, despite the documented evidence that three black members of the Nation of Islam gunned him down for not adhering to the cult's more radical, racist beliefs.

I am 100% sure the fact-checkers are all over this and Facebook and Twitter are throttling all CNN posts as we speak.


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