CNN is SO ready for you to get your booster shot
· Jul 28, 2021 ·

You know they've just been waiting on pins and needles to write this story:

A third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine can "strongly" boost protection against the Delta variant -- beyond the protection afforded by the standard two doses, suggests new data released by Pfizer on Wednesday.

The data posted online suggest that antibody levels against the Delta variant in people ages 18 to 55 who receive a third dose of vaccine are greater than fivefold than following a second dose.

Among people ages 65 to 85, the Pfizer data suggest that antibody levels against the Delta variant after receiving a third dose of vaccine are greater than 11-fold than following a second dose.

The data, which included 23 people, have not yet been peer-reviewed or published.

That's fun. I look forward to seeing why we should be getting more booster shots by the end of this year!

I think vaccines are amazing technological marvels that we've discovered by God's grace.

My enthusiasm to line up for an untold number of boosters as a young, healthy person is still pretty dang low because, well, the testing of scientific hypotheses and the data from the last 18 months.

That's not gonna stop the totally-real journalists at CNN from telling you what's what, even if it goes against the U.S. Surgeon General!

US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy repeated that point Wednesday morning, telling CNN's Poppy Harlow, "People do not need to go out and get a booster shot."

CNN calls this stance an "unusual move" in their typical move of pressuring public officials through hit pieces masquerading as news stories.

CNN was quick to point out that Dr. Mikael Dolsten of Pfizer, which has ZERO money to gain from pushing the continued worldwide use of its products, says you should probably get it.

"Receiving a third dose more than six months after vaccination, when protection may be beginning to wane, was estimated to potentially boost the neutralizing antibody titers in participants in this study to up to 100 times higher post-dose three compared to pre-dose three," Dolsten said.

Live video of a BlueAnon follower getting their daily booster in 2031:

If you think politicians will leave you alone and give you back your freedom if you get the vaccine (and agree to mask up again even after vaccinated), think again!

Pfizer said it anticipates submitting data on a third dose of its coronavirus vaccine to the FDA as soon as next month, Dolsten said during Wednesday's earnings call.

"We are in ongoing discussions with regulatory agencies regarding a potential third-dose booster of the current vaccine and, assuming positive results, anticipate an emergency use authorization submission as early as August," Dolsten said.

Again, you know the "reality-based" staff at CNN are just loving this. Fear sells, baby!

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