CNN Medical Analyst Leana Wen Wants You To Know That NOW Is The Time To End Mask Mandates, As Democrat States Are Starting To Backtrack

Feb 7th

Now that Democrat states are finally realizing that people don't want to mask forever, in order to maintain political power, mask mandates are being dropped.

And this is now totally the right thing to do according to Leana Wen over at CNN:

I agree with Colorado and many other local states, jurisdictions that are beginning to life government mandates. And I think this is the key, I'm not saying that we should be stopping masking but rather that this needs to shift from a government requirement to an individual decision.

Yes, after almost 2 entire years of people on the right saying this exact same thing, now former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen finally thinks that it's a good idea for individuals to make their own decisions on masking, and this totally doesn't come as leftist leaders are backtracking on the issue.

But don't worry! She's totally open to bringing the mandates back again when it's politically expedient!

The government can't keep on telling our citizens that this is a five-alarm fire all the time. People are going to just start tuning it out and not pay attention, they'll be desensitized.

So what needs to happen is we need to end the state of emergency and preserve the ability of public health authorities to reinstitute mandates in the future if we see more dangerous variants later.

So, the reason that it's good to end the mandates now has nothing to do with science. It's in order to preserve their waning credibility so they can reimpose their tyranny on you in the winter when Covid cases climb again.

This isn't an end to masks, it's a way to make sure that you are masking forever.

Wen represents the cutting edge of the liberal view on Covid. She's the one that called cloth masks a "facial decoration." She is the one who has the greater vision to ease Democrats out of their pandemic fears until they have more use for it.

They don't want to end masks, they just don't want to be the boy who cried wolf. Because every single day, more and more lefties are ditching the mask. They see the Magic Johnsons, Eric Garcettis, Gavin Newsoms, Stacey Abrams, Barrack Obamas, all ditching the mask. And the credibility of these bureaucrats crashes.

So, now, we can end the mandates! We saved you from Covid! It worked!

You know, until next time!

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