CNN promotes beer "made from recycled shower water" 🀑
Β· Aug 2, 2023 Β·

Okay, I'm not mad at CNN for covering this story. It's a great story. I'm only mad at how they were forced to cover the story β€” like, you can see the blue hair dye seeping through the pages on this one.

Seems innocent, right? Maybe you'd see a boring headline like that here if Joel and Adam were on vacation in Spain or something running with the bulls. But let's look at some of the copy.

You wouldn't know if you tasted it, but Epic OneWater Brew is a beer with a peculiar ingredient: it's made with water recycled from the showers, sinks and washing machines of a residential building.

The beer is safe to drink, thanks to a series of treatments that include microfiltration and ultraviolet light, and it is meant to bring attention to the issue of water scarcity and reuse.

You wouldn't know if you tasted it, you guys.

It's, like, really good β€” tastes just like Bud Light!

And it's good for the environment too. See, we're the good guys.

I'm barely exaggerating.

"Buildings globally use 14% of all potable water," says Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO and co-founder of Epic Cleantec, the San Francisco-based water treatment company that made the beer in collaboration with a local brewery. "Almost no buildings reuse that water β€” that's what we're trying to change."

Yaaaay, saving the climate one bathwater beer at a time!

Go get em folx!

Here are some of the best comments I could find on Twitter, or X, or whatever we're supposed to call it now.

And I just gotta add this one here for fun.


A little bit about the beer:

The beer is a KΓΆlsch-style ale β€” a crisp, light-bodied drink originating from Germany β€” and was made with recycled graywater [which comes from sinks, washing machines, bathtubs and showers] from Fifteen Fifty, a 40-story luxury apartment building in San Francisco. But it's not for sale, as regulations prohibit the use of recycled wastewater in commercial beverages. At least for now.

Okay, super cool and stuff β€” glad CNN could virtue signal by publishing this article β€” but what's the point in brewing a beer if you aren't legally allowed to sell it?


Extra-super-100% dumb.

I'm out.

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