As predicted, CNN clown reinterprets Trump's explicit call for peace as "a call to violence" 🤡
· Jan 14, 2021 ·

Wednesday night Donald Trump released a video in which he explicitly and forcefully denounced political violence, including the actions of his supporters at the Capitol last week, saying they will "be brought to justice."

Of course, CNN brought on Former FBI Official and swamp creature Andy McCabe to ask the very important question, not "what do you think of what Donald Trump said?", no they asked, "what do you think potential bad actors heard from that statement last night?"

So, regardless of what Trump actually said, Andy McCabe assures us that there were certain "dog whistles" to Trump's most rabid and violent supporters.

That's right. Andy McCabe can read minds. He can tell both what Trump really meant, but he can also interpret what "crazy MAGA types" heard.

This is just a way for CNN and those on the left to pin the blame of anything that happens on inauguration day directly on Donald Trump, just because he didn't say exactly what they wanted him to say.

Do I think that Trump should just admit defeat? At this point, probably so. Do I think that just because he doesn't say the words "I lost the election" it means that all the actions of his wildest supporters can be traced back to him as if he condones and calls for violence? Of course not.

Calls for peace and calls to bring rioters to justice are not some secret dog whistle to Trump supporters, encouraging them to be violent.

Also, we gotta stop giving CNN ideas:

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