Coca-Cola holds "anti-racist" training that instructs employees to "BE LESS WHITE," according to whistleblower with receipts

Feb 20th

This is straight up insane.

Coca-Cola, being an equitable company that cares about not offending woke folk, recently required its employees to take an "anti-racist" training.

In other words, Coca-Cola taught its employees how to be modern racists.


The photos of the training, which can be found on the LinkedIn platform, were provided by a brave Latino whistleblower who most certainly could lose his/her job for giving us this peek under the corporate hood. If you want more info, there's an in-depth video here from the source who shared it.

Let's break this garbage down:

The training uses curriculum from paid race hustler Robin DiAngelo. It lumps "white" and "racism" in the same category, because New Racism says that oppressing or belittling others who are different from you was a thing exclusively invented by white Western civilization.

It proves this by taking a modern understanding of "race," a subjective term that broadly categorizes people based on how well their skin protects against ultraviolet radiation, and uses it like a club to tell white people how they are at fault for sin and suffering in the world.

The only way to have your sins of "privilege" washed away is by giving monetary indulgences to "better" white people like Robin DiAngelo. You will need to keep making regular offerings to prove you are an "ally" from now until you die.

After establishing that white people feel superior because of "research," the slides begin to ramp up the guilt levels.

If you grew up in black or Hispanic communities, you'll know that no black person has ever thought themselves better than whites or other groups. And when I used to teach English to international students, I never saw the Han Chinese students belittle Cantonese students or Sunni Saudis bully Shias.

The slides continued, saying that to be "less white" means to be "less" of a negative list of adjectives.

This is straight up racism!

A different way of putting it would be to say it like this:

"To BE white is to be oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive, ignorant, proud, unhearing, disbelieving, apathetic, and complicit."

Remember, this "whiteness" is a trait you are born with. You have no choice in it, but you are being told an inherent trait is negative. What Coca-Cola is teaching its employees here is that white people are negative simply for existing, like the "Untouchable" Dalit caste in Hinduism.

Also, I must repeat: this curriculum argues no one except white people ever display these attributes. It argues that more melanin in your skin exempts you from arrogance, pride, hatred, and all wrongdoing!

Finally, Coca-Cola employees are given the solution for the white evil heritage:


And if you think that's racist, then YOU are the problem.


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