Stop what you're doing and REJOICE: The Not the Bee iOS app is now available πŸ₯³ πŸ•Ί πŸ™Œ

Feb 20th

You're no balloonhead. You know Not the Bee is the greatest site on the internet. You've found yourself thinking many times, "This is the apex of the online experience. There is no way it could possibly get any better than this."

You were right, my friend β€” until today. It just got better.

The Not the Bee iOS app is officially live and available on the App Store.

Yes, that link above will take you directly to the App Store where you can download the certified greatest app ever created on this earth.

This big embedded media link will take you there as well:

So will clicking on this balloon emoji:


Here's the image and deets from the App Store:

Not the Bee is a humor-based news, entertainment, and opinion site. It also happens to be the greatest website on the planet. And now, it's the greatest app on the planet. Stick the Not the Bee app on your home screen and flip those notifications on and your life will improve immediately and dramatically. What a time to be alive.

- Browse our hilarious takes on the craziest news stories.

- Share and bookmark your favorite articles.

- Customize and sync your preferences across devices.

- Log in for access to members-only features like our fully functional social network.

- Amazing new features coming soon. We're always cooking them up.

Developer Dan and his team have been extremely hard at work on this app. It's ridiculously good. If you're a subscriber, the social network will quickly become your favorite social network on your phone. If you're not a subscriber the experience is still silky smooth, beautiful, and amazing. It's the NTB experience you already love, leveled up. And you get push notifications. Can you imagine how great Not the Bee push notifications will be 😏

Rejoice with us, friends. And go get that app and stick it on your home screen!

P.S. The Android app will be here soon as well, and subscribers get the opportunity to join the beta program.


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