College Lecturer Declares “Whiteness Is A Disease” In A Defense Of Critical Race Theory
· Dec 21, 2021 ·

CRT proponents have completely taken over academia, and their ideas are dangerous and completely deranged.

An example of this comes from a panel discussion about attacks against Critical Race Theory featuring academics who defend CRT and its tenets.

Here we see what these academics believe is at the core of the race problems in America.

Chuck Egerton, from UNC-Greensboro, explains why "whiteness" opposes CRT and what "whiteness" means.

"...looking at whiteness as a disease. The social construct is false. There is no superiority of people with lighter skin. So it's important to see it as, really, it's a disease because it's an attack on the truth.

Whiteness is not true, in terms of what it imposes on us in our culture and our society. And then racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness, really. And that's just saying where it starts and where it leads to."

So, Chuck here thinks that racism is a symptom of whiteness. If white people didn't exist, according to Egerton, then racism wouldn't exist.

It's simply a disease that comes from being white.

Say it with me:

Yes, indeed. Saying that one's skin color makes them diseased and that white people are evil because of their identity is the definition of racism.

Of course, this is a problem. Academics can sit through a multi-hour lecture on the evils of whiteness and hear it called a disease and all just nod along, approvingly.

"Peace and Conflict Studies."

I'm sure, as an expert, Egerton won't be surprised to learn that casting an entire segment of the population as evil is neither peaceful nor does it help to stop conflict.

It is absolutely shameful that this is an accepted talking point.

Academia is broken. And I don't think there's an easy fix.

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