"Disgusted" Colorado Rockies Launch Investigation Into "Racial Slur" Yelled By Fan During Game. Turns Out The Dude Was Just Shouting The Name Of The Mascot, "Dinger."
· Aug 9, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Just another case of blatant, open, no-consequence racism in America today. Or maybe it's just a bunch of race-obsessed people hearing exactly what they want to hear to confirm that America is truly a racist place.

It's one of those two things.

The Colorado Rockies said they were "disgusted" and issued an apology because some random person in the crowd shouted out what some people apparently thought was the N-word. The only problem, he obviously did not yell that word and was instead shouting the NAME OF THE ROCKIE'S DINOSAUR MASCOT "DINGER!"

You can read the apology and hear the audio in question here:

Here's a closer view of the man in question, who is obviously looking and waving at the dinosaur mascot, Dinger.

For those who aren't baseball literate, a dinger is when you hit a ball hard over the fence. I think. I don't know, I don't watch baseball.

Sooooo, it's pretty obvious from the tape that the man was shouting at the mascot, and not just randomly screaming the least acceptable word on planet earth at the top of his lungs.

People always hear what they want to hear. And if they want to hear or see racism that doesn't exist, they can trick themselves into believing it exists.

And honestly, I can see how someone who doesn't know anything about the Rockies organization might mishear or not understand what was shouted. But really? The Rockies organization's higher-ups listened to this and thought it was the N-word? Don't they know the name of their mascot? Wouldn't they expect that name to be yelled hundreds of times during a game?

I mean, even ESPN is reporting the honest truth about what happened here.

It appears the Rockies organization has apologized to the fan, but really it's sort of too little too late.

They've already said that they have no trouble believing that their fanbase is made up of racists. The idea that a fan could shout the N-word in front of 25,000 people with no immediate repercussions is a heck of an indictment by the organization.

As a former Rockies player myself (Rec League T-Ball, 1998) I am embarrassed by this organization.

Now we must prepare for the inevitable. If the Rockies can't tell the difference between the name of their own mascot "Dinger" and a racial slur it's clear that the purple dinosaur needs to join other mascots in the trash pile.

His death warrant has been signed, may Dinger rest in peace with the Cleveland Indian, Washington Redskin, and Aunt Jemimah.

* * *

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