FiveThirtyEight: Voting for black people is white supremacy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคก
ยท ยท Nov 11, 2021 ยท

Yes, this is real.

To the woke, everything is about skin color.

You couldn't possibly vote for a black woman like Winsome Sears because of her character, skill, beliefs, merit, and personality. Nope. Only vile RACISTS do that!!

To be truly aNti-rAciSt, one must realize that all black people fit inside a nice little box based entirely on their skin color!

I'm not going to cite a thousand passages from this insanely racist article, but I'll give you one:

Racially prejudiced white voters are not opposed to Black candidates simply because they are Black, but because they believe that most Black candidates will fight for "those people" and not "people like us."

Black Republicans, on the other hand, are perceived differently by racially prejudiced white Americans. Their embrace of the Republican Party and its conservative ideology help assure racially prejudiced whites that, unlike Black Democrats, they are not in the business of carrying water for their own racial group.

This is another way of saying that people like Winsome Sears or Larry Elder are the "black face of white supremacy."

This article completely ignores the fact that tribalism based on external characteristics (skin color, accent, customs, physical features) has been the norm for all of human history. There are exceedingly few places in the world like America where people are able to choose leaders at all, let alone choose leaders based on internal characteristics of shared worldview, character, dreams, and goals.

Nope, it's just those racist white conservatives and their obsession with maintaining white power so that black and brown Americans don't get ahead.

What a load of garbage!

I'll leave you with a few notable reactions:


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