Come on a journey and learn how insanely woke our nation's second-largest military contractor has become 👀
· Jul 6, 2021 ·

The people making our nation's advanced weapon's systems, guided missiles, and satellite tracking platforms have gone woke.

I hope you are all ready for an adventure! Let's dive in, shall we?

We'll start with the company's new "antiracist" campaign.

Last summer, Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes launched the Stronger Together campaign instructing employees on "becoming an anti-racist today." He signed a corporate diversity statement and then asked all Raytheon employees to sign the pledge and "check [their] own biases."

* * *

* * *

It's important that our aerospace engineers think about their white bias while they're designing a 20,000-pound payload that will drop on enemies from 10,000 feet!

Next up, Chris Rufo notes how the program is focused on being intersectional:

The program is centered on "intersectionality," a core component of critical race theory that divides the world into competing identity groups, with race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other categories defining an individual's place within the hierarchy of oppression.

* * *

* * *

* * *

This stuff is making the world a better place, one irredeemable white person and one workplace divided up by race at a time!

Rufo then notes that white employees had to identify their privilege. If any were white, Christian, and male, they were told they are at the top of the oppression hierarchy.

Raytheon then asks white employees to deconstruct their identities and "identify [their] privilege." The company argues that white, straight, Christian men are at the top of the oppression hierarchy—and must work on "recognizing [their] privilege" and "step aside" for minorities.

As if this isn't awkward enough, Raytheon picks a page out of the typical CRT playbook and says employees need to "identify everyone's race" during meetings and conversations.

Raytheon tells employees to "identify everyone's race" during workplace conversations. Whites must "listen to the experiences" of "marginalized identities" and should "give [those with such identities] the floor in meetings or on calls, even if it means silencing yourself."

* * *

Can you imagine being a stellar black engineer who wants to get paid good money for your talent and skills, but instead is treated awkwardly by coworkers who think they need to admit their privilege and guilt to you at all times?

Can you imagine how awkward it must be for a white employee who is trying to prove themselves in the company but can't advance because they have the wrong skin tone and their opinions are marginalized for not having the "experiences" of "marginalized identities"??

Moving on:

Raytheon instructs white employees never to say that they "pray things change soon." Whites must acknowledge that their own discomfort is "a fraction" of their black colleagues', who are "exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, stressed, barely sleeping, scared and overwhelmed."

Non-white people are mentally fragile because they don't have any opportunities in America, like scoring a cushy gig at a national defense contractor. Got it!

Raytheon is specifically segregating its employees by race, sexual identity, and other groups:

Raytheon has segregated employees by race and identity groups for black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, LGBTQ, and other intersectional categories. This is a slide from a recent seminar on "Developing Intersectional Allyship in the Workplace."

Nothing builds teamwork (and missiles) like segregation! Those national socialists in 1930s Germany would be proud!

Speaking of things that would make those guys proud, the company says equality is noble but should ultimately be opposed.

Next, Raytheon explicitly instructs employees to oppose "equality," defined as "treating each person the same . . . regardless of their differences," and strive instead for "equity," which "focuses on the equality of the outcome."

I personally love every time I see this fence graphic. Besides pointing out the fact that these peeps should buy a dang ticket like the rest of the crowd so they don't have to trespass and watch behind a fence, it gives me the chance to post a much more accurate illustration.

Lastly, Rufo gives some additional internal documents that discuss defunding the police, decolonizing your bookshelf (LOL), and reparations.

Finally, in a collection of recommended resources, the company encourages white employees to "defund the police," "participate in reparations," "decolonize your bookshelf," "join a local 'white space.'"

* * *

* * *

* * *

Raytheon doesn't want "militarized" police running around. After all, what would local law enforcement do if they were given access to high-tech communications and weapons systems that would allow them to better and more safely take down bad guys??

I guess anything beyond 19th-century police batons should be reserved for the woke national military and Biden's fleet of nuke-laden F-15s!

Since you're probably wondering how seriously the company's leadership believes in the poison they are spoon-feeding their employees, here's their Board of Directors. I have no issue with a board being comprised of any skin tone or either sex, but since these people presumably say white dudes should step back to let "marginalized identities" lead, I'd call them a bit hypocritical:

This is a company that makes weapons that track and kill, presumably in the interests of protecting the American people from violent men who want to end our lives as painfully as possible.

If neither they nor the military that uses their products understands how divisive, harmful, and evil this ideological junk is, we don't stand a chance against the real threats that wish to hurt us.

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