China just flew another 77 warplanes into Taiwan's defense zone and I wonder why this has been happening a lot since January ๐Ÿค”
ยท ยท Oct 4, 2021 ยท

Even CNN had to report this news:

Taiwan has reported a record number of incursions by Chinese warplanes into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) for the second day in a row, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense said on Saturday night.

The self-governing island said a total of 39 Chinese military aircraft entered the ADIZ on Saturday, one more than the 38 planes it spotted on Friday.

The 38 and 39 planes respectively are the highest number of incursions Taiwan has reported in a day since it began publicly reporting such activities last year.

Here was one of the alerts issued by Taiwan:

I wonder why this has been happening a lot this year.

China's been up to these games with its Pacific neighbors for a long time, but it's been significantly ramping up its antics in 2021.

It seems to have really started just after January 20th...

I can't remember what happened around that time, but China must have felt they didn't need to worry about U.S. pressure anymore.

Oh well, I'm sure the thought will come to me.

Anyway, the power-hungry commies bent on world domination continued to test the waters with similar shows of force over the months that followed:

It's a good thing the U.S. was maintaining that crucial military presence in Afghanistan to ensure some extra deterrence and stability in the region!

Seems like since the end of August โ€“ I recall something being in the news about Afghanistan around then โ€“ China has really been upping these flybys with bombers and fighter jets.

And Taiwan seems really, REALLY scared.

It's so hard to understand why exactly this is happening. I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually.

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