Congrats to Xi Jingping for his totally legitimate, unanimous election victory!
· Mar 10, 2023 ·

I'm so impressed that in an era of highly competitive politics, negative press, and endless political gaffes amplified by social media, Xi managed to convince literally every single one of his electors to cast their ballot for him!


Chinese leader Xi Jinping was awarded a third five-year term as president Friday, putting him on track to stay in power for life.

The endorsement of Xi's appointment by the ceremonial National People's Congress was a foregone conclusion for a leader who has sidelined potential rivals and filled the top ranks of the ruling Communist Party with his supporters since taking power in 2012.

The vote for Xi was 2,952 to 0 by the NPC, members of which are appointed by the ruling party.

I have been reliably informed that questioning any aspect of an electoral process is tantamount to treason, so I for one want to say that I totally agree with, support, affirm and otherwise do not question Xi's 2,952-0 victory here.

Seriously, it's always good to see an aging politician who's still got it. I'm pretty sure Xi is like 200 years old, so he's an even doubly impressive senior citizen. That shouldn't go overlooked in the official state media reports. If it does, you'll be liquidated.

I mean, the man himself racked up just victory after victory this week:

Xi was also unanimously named commander of the 2 million-member People's Liberation Army, a force that explicitly that takes its orders from the party rather than the country.

Just amazing. We could all take a lesson from Xi on how to run — uh I mean WIN an election.

Three cheers for Chinese Communist democracy!

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