Cori "Defund-The-Police" Bush has spent more than half a million dollars for her own private security
ยท Dec 15, 2022 ยท

You see, normal everyday people don't deserve police protection, but if you're a very important person, like The Squad's Cori Bush, then you actually deserve armed protection.

She'll fight to defund the police in YOUR neighborhood, but she'll use money from her campaign to pay for her own police force.

Rep. Cori Bush, one of the most outspoken federal politicians for defunding police, has now topped more than $500,000 in private security detail expenses, filings show.

The Missouri lawmaker's campaign spent $38,528.63 on "security services" between Oct. 20 and Nov. 28, according to its post-general report. The payments primarily flowed to the St. Louis-based Peace Security, which employs several "security operators" with military or law enforcement experience, despite her opposition to them, its website shows.

The new private security payments follow the $490,000 Bush's campaign had already spent on it for the 2022 election cycle. The campaign has now surpassed the half-million dollar mark for such services, a luxury most Americans can't afford.

That's the understatement of the century: "a luxury most Americans can't afford."

I mean, seriously, she is lobbying to completely remove police from dangerous neighborhoods yet she has paid for her own police force using money from her constituents.

And as Bush's campaign continues to dish large amounts into the security detail, she has remained one of the most vocal federal politicians pushing to defund police, which she has dug into several times.

"I always tell [fellow Democrats], 'If you all had fixed this before I got here, I wouldn't have to say these things,'" the "Squad" member told Axios in February.

Bush said the "defund the police" slogan isn't the problem and blamed Democrats for not delivering on the promise.

She's one of the few Democrats still fully on board with "defund the police" and thinks the Democrats are too PRO-police.

Bush said she would ensure she has security because she has had attempts on her life and has "too much work to do."

"So suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen," she added.

St. Louis' KMOV4 later discovered that Bush had hired two sheriff's deputies, Tylance Jackson and Maurice Thompson, as part of her security.

The discovery led to the termination of Jackson and Thompson, who had failed to get approval for the side gig, St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts said at the time.

And while Bush says the security is due to threats against her, other "Squad" members โ€” like many other politicians โ€” also receive threats but steer far less campaign cash into the services.

Bush lives in a VERY dangerous district, outside St. Louis, so she knows that she's in more danger than the average citizen.

Yet she still wants police for her and not for you.

Why is that?

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