Could be worse: Australia is dealing with a "MOUSE PLAGUE OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS" and there are videos and I probably won't sleep tonight
· Mar 24, 2021 ·

I am so sorry to bring this to your attention but I feel it is my duty:

Large swaths of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia are being overrun by mice. There are mice everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Think locust plague, but mice. This is pure, Grade A nightmare fuel right here.

I would like to apologize once again before presenting the videos.

Now presenting the videos:

This is like the worst thing I've ever seen.

I mean straight up, if I lived there I would just walk around in a HAZMAT suit with a long-range flamethrower and a 55-gallon drum of fuel strapped to my back.

All this to say, it could be worse. It could be worse. On top of everything else, you could be dealing with a freaking LITERAL MOUSE PLAGUE right now.

My condolences to our readers in southeast Australia. At least it can't get much worse from here.


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