This vet keeps finding women's high heels around this remote Colorado lake: "I don't know if we have a serial killer or what"
ยท May 15, 2024 ยท

A Colorado Marine vet claims to have repeatedly discovered high heels in a secluded area of Western Colorado - he believes he may have stumbled upon a crime scene linked to a serial killer.

Levi Comstock uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, CountertopEpoxy, which is normally dedicated to epoxy kits. The video, though, was a bit different than his usual content.

This particular video, titled "LEVI INVESTIGATES EP1 - POSSIBLE KILLER ON THE LOOSE," was posted a few days ago and has garnered over 29k views on YouTube. However, it has gone viral on X, with almost six million views in one day.

In this video, Comstock, who's been living in Western Colorado for 16 years since he left the Marine Corps, is in a secluded desert claiming he's found several pairs of different-sized high heels and women's boots.

I've spent every single weekend and every other day in between I could out here in the desert exploring. And what I have here is what I believe could be a crime.


I don't know if we have a serial killer or what it is. And I know this sounds like clickbait, but follow along ...

This right here is one of a pair of boots here, one of 10 pairs that I have found out here of different sizes of high heels.


I would love to know if any of you guys know of any disappearances.

Comstock believes there may be a serial killer out there, and whoever it is could be disposing of the bodies in this "very well-hidden" pond.

The pond is much higher now, and I'm guessing that whoever is throwing these shoes down here is expecting that.


Usually they're gonna be underwater. I've had to come back quite a few times now to catch the pond this low again. So usually all these shoes you see along the shoreline are all submerged underwater.

Finding a random shoe out in the middle of nowhere may seem odd, but by the seventh pair, he started getting uneasy.

Some of his friends helped him search the area with dogs โ€” although the dogs weren't trained for that type of search, they were tracking dogs. They ended up finding two more sets of shoes that day.

Comstock continued his search the next day and, again, another pair of shoes. Bringing his total up to ten pairs of women's shoes found out there in the middle of nowhere, next to a hidden pond.


Now, I think it's crazy that every single pair has had a matching pair together.

I think it's crazy that there's been multiple sizes.

In the video, he said he contacted the sheriff's department but was told it was "probably nothing."

I would love to know why there is a super remote, very difficult to pet to pond in the middle of the desert. That is not a nice place to party. It's not a nice place to be in when it gets muddy.


Why is it that we've found 10 pairs of women's high heels and every single pair is, for lack of better terms, a very fancy, possibly like a stripper boot.


I am only looking for help with this. If anybody recognizes some of these shoes or anybody knows a better way to investigate, I'd love to know.

This guy clearly spends a lot of time out there.

Comstock says he first came across the first boot he found when he was out there four-wheeling. He admitted at the start of his video that this might all sound like click-bait, but you have to admit, ten pairs of women's shoes in this not-so-nice part of the desert is super sketchy, to say the least.

Of course, folks are joining in on the speculation.

Could it really be a serial killer? Suicides?? Is it all just clickbait?

Or could Comstock himself be a suspect?! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Whatever it is, someone needs to keep investigating and drain that pond.

Something ain't right here.

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