Couple recreates wedding ceremony at nursing home for grandma with Alzheimer’s 🥺❤️
· Sep 24, 2023 ·

These childhood sweethearts traveled 360 miles roundtrip to recreate their wedding ceremony so the bride's grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, could be part of their special day.


Will and Rebecca Heppell got married in Cotswolds, England, on August 5 with 60 guests present, but the person Rebecca wanted there the most couldn't make it.

Rebecca's 91-year-old grandma, Peggy Dracup, lives in a care home in Selby, North Yorkshire, and, due to her health, was unfortunately unable to make the long trip for the wedding.

Will and Rebecca Heppell during their first wedding ceremony in the Cotswolds on Aug. 5. (SWNS)

So, the couple arranged to re-do their ceremony on the nursing home grounds with Grandma Peggy in attendance!

The Heppell's had their second special day on August 29, and it was a replica of the first wedding - same dress, same suit, same decor and all.

Beautiful photographs from both occasions captured the couple's meticulous efforts to replicate their wedding day, even mirroring their first dance poses.

The wedding bouquet featured white roses in a heartfelt tribute to Ms. Heppell's Yorkshire heritage.

"It was a really special day and great that my grandma could be part of it," Ms. Heppell told The Epoch Times. "She was overjoyed."

Rebecca and Will Heppell at their second wedding ceremony. (SWNS)

Rebecca and Will Heppell at their second wedding ceremony with Granda Peggy. (SWNS)

Although Grandma Peggy's memory isn't great due to Alzheimer's, she still recognized the couple and complimented her granddaughter's dress.

It was great, she didn't know it wasn't the real ceremony, she loved it. And we weren't as nervous the second time round. It was much more relaxed.

Another heartwarming moment of the ceremony showcased Rebecca's sister performing melodies they had learned on the piano from their grandfather in their younger days.

The events manager also went above and beyond to create an enchanting atmosphere, complemented by a breathtaking wedding cake adorned with intricately handcrafted sugar roses.

It was doubly magical because we were reliving the original ceremony of a few days earlier.

The mother of the bride, Helen Harrison, was delighted her own mother could be part of this special moment.

She was also very grateful to the chef for catering the reception and serving a "spectacular silver service buffet tea — a grand finale to a perfect day."

It was hugely important for Rebecca that her grandmother should be present to be part of the celebration.

It was delightful to see my mom interacting with so many people, smiling and laughing, and having all her family around her.

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