More than one-third of Democrats think Americans have too much freedom
· Sep 24, 2023 ·

Bro, Democrats have become like little minions of the state over the past few years, haven't they? Ever since Covid it's like anything the state says goes for them, no questions asked. It's weird, right?

And now this?

Yup, it seems like they've been listening to their masters again.

The survey found that 34% of Democratic voters believe that Americans possess "too much freedom" compared to just 14.6% of Republican voters. Although an overwhelming portion of U.S. voters believe that freedom of speech protections are beneficial, 52% of Democratic voters believe it is important "that the government be able to censor users/content on social media platforms it feels threaten national security."

Over half of Democratic voters also believe that government censorship ability takes precedence over "social media users be[ing] able to post content they feel are in the national interest," according to the poll. In contrast, one-third of Republicans hold this belief.

Additionally, approximately 75% of Democratic voters believe the government should censor "hateful" social media content, according to the poll.

Uhh, isn't, like, everything hateful to you people these days? 75% of you wouldn't let me post "men are men and women are women" on social media. You people are nuts, man.

And a full third of you, more than a third, think we have too much freedom in this country. Man, I don't think we have even close to enough freedom in this country. But I guess that probably makes me a white supremacist or something.

This poll is telling, y'all.

The cult is working, and almost too well.

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