🙌 Federal appeals court upholds Tennessee's ban on aborting babies just because they have Down syndrome 🙌

Nov 22nd

This is fantastic news.

I don't just mean okay news or good news. I mean fantastic news.

First, the bad news. Babies with Down syndrome have been increasingly murdered en utero since genetic testing became available. If you don't believe me, check out the disgusting article by The Atlantic last week that celebrated "the last children of Down Syndrome," heralding the eugenic eradication of those deemed genetically unfit.

"Prenatal testing is changing who gets born and who doesn't. This is just the beginning," said the article.

If that doesn't send chills up your spine, I don't know what will.

The article quite literally applauded eugenics, saying that it may have had a "heinous image" due to, you know, all those things like forced sterilizations and the Nazis and whatnot, but that despite those means, its goals were admirable. The Atlantic offers a vision of better eugenics by pointing to Denmark, where practically no children are born with Down Syndrome anymore. The Atlantic spins it as a noble way of "improving the health of a nation by preventing the birth of those deemed to be burdens on society."

Now the good news. A federal appeals court in Tennessee has declared the state can ban selective abortions due to Down syndrome, race, or gender, overturning a lower court ruling from earlier this year.

The lower court had issued their ruling hours after Gov. Bill Lee signed the legislation into law.

While the full law passed by the governor and state congress had other wide-sweeping bans on abortion – such as banning any after six weeks – the appeals court decision only applies to the Downs syndrome provision. The state will continue to fight abortion activists regarding the full law, but will proceed with enforcing bans on these selective abortions.

Over a dozen states have similar bans.

"Our law prohibits abortion based on the race, gender, or diagnosis of Down syndrome of the child and the court's decision will save lives," said Gov. Lee. "Protecting our most vulnerable Tennesseans is worth the fight."

Abortion activists have already filed a request in lower courts to block the ban again with a new argument that the law would keep women from "obtaining constitutionally protected pre-viability abortion care."

(Me intensely reading the Constitution to see where it acknowledges the God-given right to murder children.)

Given the trajectory of this legal fight and others like it, there's every reason to believe it will find its way to higher courts. When that inevitably happens – if the Left hasn't stacked the court and destroyed our entire system of checks and balances by then – all eyes will be on the Supreme Court, and on a particular justice named Amy Coney Barrett.


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