New In-N-Out Burger in Aurora Colorado had a 14-hour (yes 14-HOUR) wait time, there were fights, and a guy lost his pants.
ยท Nov 22, 2020 ยท

On the plus side, it was a mostly peaceful wait...

Did someone lose their pants? Is it 2020?

Perhaps the people in Aurora, Colorado have never heard of this American delicacy known as a "fast-food hamburger." Regardless, the Aurora Police Department was all over it.

At it's height, the wait was 14 hours. For a burger.

They were there earlier, suggesting that maybe people could find a place where they could grab lunch while it was still lunch.

They took to offering their own suggestions.

Their final update estimated the final burger would be served at 2:00 AM.

It was the grand opening of the popular California chain, so you'd have to assume that people would completely lose their grip on reality, their psyche seized by the thought of a slightly unfamiliar burger.

Or not.

Personally, for me to wait 14 hours for a burger it would need to have bacon, cheese, a fresh-baked bun, and a Krugerrand.

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