WATCH: Dude BARELY escapes humongous falling concrete slab as it absolutely wrecks his car
· · Nov 22, 2020 ·

Many of us have experienced the joy of cleaning a snow-covered car on a frigid day.

What most of us haven't experienced is 4,000 pounds of concrete attempting to murder us from above and crushing said car into a pulp.

Watch this insane video from Thursday, where a Russian man barely escaped certain death:

It's not every day that an 8-foot chunk of rock randomly falls out of the sky and attempts to flatten you. Fortunately, 27-year-old Alexander was paying attention and scrambled out of the way milliseconds before the two-ton slab demolished his Nissan. His wife – who had just gone back inside to get hot water to clear the windshield – and their daughter also narrowly avoided death.

The incident took place in the Russian city of Vladivostok, because of course it did.

The concrete slab in question apparently came loose from the ninth floor of an apartment building. The cause was a heavy ice storm that had hit the city the night before, putting weight on structures and causing trees to collapse. Another concrete block reportedly fell off a different building on the same block and destroyed a car as well.

In Mother Russia, concrete drives on you.

How did Alexander celebrate cheating death?

Why, by posing with his car and drinking a beer with a "Russia" coat on, of course!

A new lease on life. Gonna need to lease a new car, too.


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