Cringe of the Day: Chris Cuomo handing off to Don Lemon by singing "Good Times" and explaining he's "black on the inside."
· Mar 8, 2021 ·

So, this apparently happened.

A few thoughts:

First, while I wasn't able to find what if any context led up to Cuomo deciding it would be a good idea to sing "Good Times" (goofy handoffs are a thing they do) it doesn't matter I don't think. Neither joke, the song nor the comment that followed, really landed.

Second, telling jokes that don't land shouldn't be a crime nor a call for social justice action.

Third, claims that Lemon's reactions were anything other than friendly is demonstrably false which you can easily tell by watching the video.

Fourth, I don't think this says anything about any latent racism Chris Cuomo has towards black people, Good Times, or Jimmie Walker.

Fifth, had Tucker Carlson done and said the exact same things in precisely the same order, while he was handing off to Lawrence Jones...

Cuomo will not face widespread advertiser boycotts nor any serious calls for his being fired.

Yes, the perpetually outraged remained outraged but I suspect their unhinged statements will go largely ignored by the larger media other than to report them for some quick clicks.

'Black is not a costume, I don't get to be white when I don't feel like not dealing with racism or racist police or just regular bulls**t black people deal with,' tweeted Aisha Staggers, Managing Editor of Sister2Sister Magazine and News Onyx.

She sounds fun.

When another Twitter user asked Freeman why people were outraged, Staggers responded: 'It's f**king offensive.'

Imagine getting seated next to her on a 15-hour international flight.

'Black isn't something you can just say you feel you are inside without having to deal with the racism that comes with being physically Black on the outside. This is cultural appropriation,' she said.

I'd probably end up spending $500 on gin.

Beyond those noises, not much. Nothing at the moment on the front pages of MSNBC, CNN, nor NPR, and nothing about it turns up in searches for "Chris Cuomo" on any of those sites.

It's one of the benefits of being one of the elite.

You always get the benefit of the doubt.

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