Cuomo vows to block Covid vaccine that is more than 90% effective and could save thousands because Orange Man Bad.
· Nov 9, 2020 ·

It's like he's trying to turn America into a New York State nursing home.

Regarding news on the vaccine, Cuomo believes,

"It's good news, bad news... The good news is the Pfizer tests look good...

The bad news is it's about two months before Joe Biden takes over."

I feel the need here to point out that this is not at all political. It's all about logistics which are way more important than saving lives.

He wants to delay distribution for months because he thinks Biden will do a better job at getting it to people.

Sort of like like waiting for a newer fire truck to arrive while your house burns to the ground because you think it might have better water pressure than the one already there.

It's an obvious call.

"I think [Biden's] first step is saying ‘let's focus on the science. Let's depoliticize testing data.'"

How about the first step be saving people's lives. If I were ordering the steps, I'd put that right up front.

"They're going to take this vaccine and they're going to go through the private mechanism through hospitals through drug market chains, etc. That's going to be slow…"

You know what's probably slower? Forcibly blocking its distribution for months. That really tends to gum up the works.

Clearly, New York is in very capable hands.

In other news, Bill de Blasio is still mayor.

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