Dad Who Lost Custody For Not Trans-ing His Kid Speaks At Texas School, Gets Sworn At, Threatened, And Spit On For "Misgendering" Students
· Mar 3, 2022 ·

The videos that are coming from this speech by Jeffrey Younger are disgusting to see.

Mr. Younger is a Texas man who lost custody of his young son because the mom wanted to let the kid transition into a girl, and Mr. Younger did not want that to happen.

Yes, in Texas of all places, a man lost his son to a mom who wanted to change him into a girl.

Mr. Younger was speaking on this topic at the University of North Texas and the response to his speech was exactly what you'd expect. Whiny, entitled, anti-free speech, rainbow squad college students made a whole lot of racket and did absolutely NO listening.

[Language Warning]

Yes, the start of the event is the classic roaring chant of "F*** you fascist!"

Very original.

There's plenty more video.

In this video, Mr. Younger insists on calling one of the students by their ACTUAL pronoun, instead of their preferred pronoun. And that goes about as well as you would imagine.

After assaulting some guy with a camera, the cameraman points out "she grabbed my camera". And that's where the trouble began.

An enraged student shrieks out "HEEEEE" declaring the person in question's preferred pronouns.

Younger decides to have a little fun with this and responds with "She" every time the audience demands he say "He". This causes the student at the middle of this, who already tried to destroy camera guy's camera, to jump up on the desk like a wild person and then spit on Mr. Younger.

This doesn't deter Younger from boldly stating the reality and standing up for the truth. He continues to antagonize a transgender student, insisting on using her proper pronouns.

Younger then makes probably the most important point of this lecture.

Listen, you actually believe that if someone disagrees with someone they can stand up and spit on them. That's how miseducated you are. You are so miseducated.

This is a scathing indictment of the education system. He is 100% spot-on.

To this, he is greeted with a threat from one of the activists students, right in front of the police, no less:


If that's not a threat, I don't know what is.

Younger decides to go ahead and leave the situation on this high note, and sends a parting message to the unhinged crowd:

Alright guys, I wanna thank you. I wanna thank you for showing the world what leftist politics really is. I'm really grateful to you. Thank you!

And, for some reason, thinking they won, the radical lefty students begin to applaud Jeffrey Younger leaving the auditorium.

Younger no doubt won this exchange.

He came to speak out against the transgender revolution and trans-ing kids, and he was able to reveal how evil, nasty, and out-of-touch with reality the opposing side is.

He's doing a very brave thing. He's already lost his child to this transgender revolution, but he's fighting to save countless others.

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