DANG: Disney's favorability rating has cratered from 77% to 33% since last year
· May 16, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I don't think supporting groomers is working out for them.

The media tried to spin a recent poll looking at Disney's approval ratings as a good thing:

Disney is slightly more popular than Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor who declared political war on the entertainment and theme park giant.

A survey commissioned by NBC News and performed by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies asked 1,000 adults various questions, including tracking the popularity of Disney and Gov. DeSantis, who has spent recent months punishing one of the state's flagship companies for opposing the state's Parental Rights in Education law.

The poll showed Disney outperforming DeSantis in overall popularity, with 33% for Disney and 28% for DeSantis.

See! Take that, DeSantis!

Disney is [checks notes] "slightly more popular" than you!

A full 5% of people support a family entertainment company over [checks notes again] a polarizing politician who has been the punching bag for the entire mainstream media for the last two years.

Yeah, you really showed them all right! Victory!

In truth, this is DEVASTATING for Disney.

Let media analyst Giancarlo Sopo explain:

In business, your brand is everything. For generations, Disney has been a household name, with doting fans and a fat wallet to keep customers returning to the theaters and theme parks. Up until recently, almost everyone thought of Disney as a family-friendly, apolitical entity. Most of our childhoods were greatly influenced by the content that Disney created – in fact, it could be argued that Disney has contributed more to the current shared social fabric of America than any other single entity over the last half century.

But within several years, their slip into sexual ideology caused that brand name to become tarnished. Now, in less than a year, they went from 77% favorability – a hard thing to get in our polarized world! – to a mere 33%!

I can guarantee you that decline ain't slowing any time soon when parents don't trust them!

As the ancient wisdom says: Go woke, go broke!

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