You saw the name and photo of the Buffalo shooter this weekend, but you haven't heard much about the guy who shot up a Taiwanese church in California. Why?
· May 16, 2022 ·

The media was very, very quick to tell you extensively about this white supremacist who walked into a Buffalo, New York grocery store and killed 10 people.

The media was quick to detail every aspect of this young criminal's life, explaining how he's been radicalized and asserting that he's just another "mainstream Republican."

In short, within 24 hours, pretty much every American had heard something about this travesty and knew a white neo-Nazi had committed it.

The fact that this murderer posted the shooting on Twitch, killed so many, and left a manifesto outlining his racist beliefs certainly makes it a top story.

But just like the explicitly racist black man who ran over a bunch of people in the Waukesha parade last Christmas or the black man who shot up a New York Subway last month, you might not have heard about the fellow who walked into a California church this Sunday and started blasting, killing one person and injuring 5 more.

Here's how the media broadly covered the would-be mass murderer out there:

It was a blip on the news. The only reason I saw it is that some people began pointing out the difference in coverage.

In fact, before I even knew the identity of the Buffalo shooter or any of the surrounding details, I could tell you immediately that the Buffalo shooter was white and the California shooter wasn't, because all the media cares about is a narrative.

Here's more on the California shooter, David Wenwei Chou (I'm only providing his name to contrast the narratives):

Chou was reportedly a former security guard from Las Vegas. He burst into Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods during a Sunday potluck for former pastor Billy Chang, pointed his two loaded handguns at the 30-40 people gathered there, and started blasting.

The retired pastor (and absolute Chad) then smashed a chair over the murderer's head while he was reloading.

When the killer paused to reload, Chang hit him on the head with a chair while others moved quickly to grab his gun. They held him down and hogtied his legs with extension cords, officials said.

"That group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect," Orange County Undersheriff Jeff Hallock said.

Absolute Chad, Pastor Billy Chang

We don't know the motivations of Chou yet. The media reports that he was "down on his luck" and may have been living in his car. For some reason, he targeted a Taiwanese church. Was it ethnically motivated? Was it religiously motivated? Is he just a guy who cracked and decided to shoot up senior citizens at a church luncheon? We might never know.

Heck, we don't even have a photo of the guy that's been released anywhere, despite the fact that multiple media outlets were on the scene when he was arrested!

Why do you think that is?

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