David French makes the conservative case for letting parents trans their kids, gets absolutely wrecked for his trouble
· Mar 13, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I'm officially calling it: David French has been lost to the Woke Mind Virus.

Rest in peace, my dude.

Yep, Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis are totally the same!

No difference.

They both hate the Constitution and liberty equally!

But that's not the worst of it. In trying to prove how conservative states are undermining muh liberty, French made the conservative case for letting parents chop the genitals off their kids:

State attacks on civil liberties are even affecting our most valued relationships: the bonds between parent and child. In January, The Times reported on how public schools sometimes withhold from parents information about a child's gender transition, even in the absence of any evidence of parental abuse. California has enacted a statute that grants the state broad authority to permit children to receive "gender-affirming health care" there, even potentially over the objection of a custodial parent.

For example, Section 7 of the law states that California courts won't weigh as a factor against a petitioner seeking California court jurisdiction if the person took a child "from the person who has legal custody" in order to obtain "gender-affirming health care" and that care is limited by the law or policy of another state.

And because every culture war action against civil liberties has its mirror image on the other side, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas issued a directive to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate as "abuse" both surgical and pharmaceutical interventions for transgender children, regardless of the good faith and desires of the parents, children and caregivers involved.


Now consider a sentence just after this:

To simply presume that parents are abusive because they may dissent from state consensus on transgender care is to violate this principle of American law.

The heck, my man?

In case there was any question, French implies that preventing parents from injecting their kids with chemical castration drugs or removing their daughter's breasts would be an infraction of "civil liberties," and that we need to be careful that we don't infringe on rights.

In a nation as diverse as the United States, conflicts over values are inevitable, but our most basic civil liberties must remain inviolate. To govern otherwise both inflicts a grave injury on dissenting citizens and violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution itself. Our right to speak, much less to parent, should not be contingent on our ability to gain political control.

I haven't heard David French speak up against, say, masking kids for two years and requiring vax mandates in order to keep your job. I haven't heard him make a case for why many civil liberties would be infringed if common weapons like AR-15s were removed from the public. I haven't heard him speak about the rampant crime in leftist cities. Heck, I haven't even heard much about abortion lately from him!

He not only puts civil liberties above the greater moral law, but he does so in a backward order based on his own political preferences.

And now he's out here using [checks notes] parents who want to make their little girls into little boys as an example of protecting liberty!

(Will David French support my right to blind my children if I want?)

If David French were writing as a citizen in times past when other great evils were fashionable, I have no doubt that he would have taken the side of the powerful for the sake of his intellectual posterity – and in the name of Christ. I'm sure he'd even work the "principal of law" or "civil liberties" into his article somehow.

"Jesus wants us to have a hecking-good pluralism!" French shouts as the Gestapo closes the train door on you.

I know because there were many church leaders like French who ceded the ground during those times and allowed much evil to happen in the name of posterity and hubris.

The Church now barely exists in those areas.

I want French to see that his blind devotion to American pluralism and humanism is a satanic trap leading him to stump for fashionable mass suffering, but I'm not going to spend my time trying to change his mind. I'm going to spend every moment I have saving kids from this hellish poison that seeks to consume them. That includes shining a light on his foolishness so you, dear reader, can take action.

God does not care whether you protected the traditions and principle of American law and civil discourse. He cares whether you stood up against evil and rescued those "staggering toward death."

There are certainly places we shouldn't haphazardly rush into action, but French's continued takes – even if well intended – show little real discernment. He's as useful as a WWI calvary commander giving SEAL Team 6 directions for a tactical aerial insertion into Afghanistan.

He understands neither the times nor the battlefield.

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It won't be long now until French is fully onboard the woke train. Change my mind.

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