Deep thoughts with Kamala Harris: "Life is basically a relay race"
· Nov 21, 2022 ·

Who's excited for our latest installment of "Deep Thoughts With Kamala Harris," the program where the Vice President of the United States shares generously from her vast store of wisdom?

Yeah, I know.

Sorry, but I heard it so now you have to.

The way that I think about is, you know, like, relay racing? You know you race and someone passes the baton and – right? So, that's what life is, it's basically a relay race. And, so the people who are heroes, whichever gender they are, they ran their part of the race and then they passed us the baton. And the question is: what will we do with the time we carry the baton?

Which means, there's no time to get tired. Come on, right? You're gonna pass that baton at some point. But right now you're carrying it. And the question is what are you doing with it.

Why does she do this? Why does she talk in a sing-songy voice as if we're all infants? She doesn't make sense.

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