Democrat Rep. Proposes "Civilianizing" Border Patrol, Replacing Security With Social Workers, Says Biden Admin "Very Open" To Idea
· Apr 7, 2022 ·

The Democrats' new plan for the border sounds almost exactly like their "defund the police "plan.

Democrat Representative from Texas Veronica Escobar went on MSNBC to explain her proposal to "civilianize" the border patrol and make them less worried about security and focused more on "social work" goals instead.

All this at a time when Democrats are about to repeal Title 42 and release an unprecedented wave of migrants into America.

And, according to the representative, the Biden Administration likes the sound of it!


I have proposed and have been working with [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas on reforming the way we process asylum seekers at the southern border.

We should not be utilizing law enforcement to essentially manage, oversee, or process vulnerable populations.

We should civilianize that personell and get law enforcement back to what they were trained to do.

This is EXACTLY, almost word for word, what the failed "defund the police" movement said in 2020. We have too many police and we need more social workers to handle crime.

Escobar (irony!) just reframes all of the illegal immigrants coming across the border as "asylum seekers" and says it's not the job of law enforcement to process them.

In 2020, Democrats were gung-ho for this idea with the police and now, in 2022, Democrats are running so far away from "defund the police" that Biden said in the State of the Union that we need to "fund the police"!

But now it looks like they want to try the same thing again on the border.

Thankfully, the Secretary has been very open to my ideas. I think it will really be a watershed moment for us on the border if we're successfully able to make this work, so that we restore dignity to the process, restore dignity to migrants and to federal personell and maintain security at the same time.

It would be more than a watershed moment.

It would likely release a FLOOD of illegal entries, the likes of which this country has never seen.

Never doubt the Democrats‘ ability to double down on a bad thing.

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