"What would be best is for Biden to do his damn job and secure the border!": DeSantis takes out the big guns after sending illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard
· Sep 15, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Ron DeSantis is going toe-to-toe with Joe Biden over the illegal immigration issue.

Before anyone goes after DeSantis for using immigrants as a political football, remember this started with the Biden administration flying illegal alien minors into Florida.

You'll recall Whitehouse spokesperson Jen Psaki laughed and cracked jokes about the Biden admin trafficking minors from Texas to Florida.

Now that DeSantis has responded, the Left is all about compassion for illegal aliens.

DeSantis addressed today the whole unfortunate issue, acknowledging that this isn't a good solution.

We're not a sanctuary state, we don't have benefits or any of that. There are some sanctuary jurisdictions, and that would be better.

Now what would be best is for Biden to do his damn job and secure the border.

These sanctuary cities don't ACTUALLY want to be sanctuaries. Not if they say 50 illegal aliens constitute an emergency and is just like the Holocaust.

DeSantis goes on to roast these so-called "sanctuary" jurisdictions are no more than virtue signaling frauds:

This is a winning message that shows the hypocrisy of the "diversity-is-our-strength" Dems.

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