Watch: Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon discusses the “moral case for mockery” with Allie Beth Stuckey
· Sep 15, 2022 ·

Our man Seth Dillon has some thoughts:

This is not about attacking people personally and making them feel bad about themselves and bullying them into believing what we believe, or something like that.

This is about examining bad ideas that are harmful, that can hurt people, that can impact our kids, and holding them up to scrutiny and criticizing them harshly, even brutally and ridiculing them. Mocking them, even mocking them.

If it's an absurd, insane idea that would be harmful if it played out in our society, then we should be mocking it to the sidelines so that it's never adopted, so that it never becomes popular, so that kids, young people, see it for what it is and laugh it off instead of taking it seriously.

Imagine if we had done that more effectively over the last several years.

Dillon then goes on to explain how conservatives' unwillingness to come off as harsh and rude helped the modern radical gender movement gain a foothold in the mainstream.

Why do we have so many social cancers? Well, in part, because we didn't do enough to push back on them, to ridicule them.

There are more and more evils coming around the corner, it is our duty to fight them off and stand up for the truth.

If mockery of harmful ideas and false gods is the tool that's needed, we shouldn't be afraid to wield it as a weapon.

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