Watch DeSantis drop a tactical nuke on weenie politicians who masked kids: "The medical science didn't change, the political science changed." ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช
ยท Feb 9, 2022 ยท

Ladies and gentlemen... I present you, America's Governor:

Here's the full transcript of DeSavage's clip in case you couldn't watch it:

You now hear a lot of chatter in other states and around the country about โ€˜oh we're going to lift mask mandates on these little children,' as if somehow they just had an epiphany. Or even some suggest the science has changed.

Let me just tell you, the science has not changed one iota.

We knew from the beginning and that's why Florida has never imposed a forced masking policy on school children. That's why we fought to liberate the kids from the forced masking that was done on the local level because there was never a justification for it.

If you look at that CDC and Biden's administration did, they are outliers in the rest of the world. If you look at all the industrialized countries, not one country was as absolutely insane about forced masking of kids as the United States government was.

I'm proud to say that in Florida we stood up to the Biden administration, we stood with the parents and we stood with the wellbeing of the kids. I can tell you, these kids are so much happier being able to go to school without having to wear masks for eight hours a day.

So when you start to see them kind of reevaluate or say all this, just understand this. The science didn't change โ€“ well, the medical science didn't change, the political science changed. They feel the heat. They know that voters have been tired of perpetual lockdown policies. They know that they have basically offered no offramp. They know that they're fixing to get whooped at the polls. So that's what is causing the epiphany.

But the fact of the matter is if they had looked at the actual science from the beginning, they would have known that this was something that Florida was right on.


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